Universal Bed Rail LED Light Kit in 7 Colors

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RECON Part # 26417RGB – LED BED LIGHT – 4′ Foot Universal Bed Rail / Cargo Area / Rock Crawler LED Light Kit (2-Piece Set Mounts Almost Anywhere) – 7-Color LEDs with Handheld RF Remote Control

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Don’t get caught in the dark again! RECON, the premier manufacturer of aftermarket lighting and accessories for the Truck and SUV market is proud to announce their new super bright Bed Rail / Cargo Area or Under Carriage Light Kit. This light kit consists of a set of 2 thick yet flexible strips that each contain 4 LED light boxes which each have six 1/4-watt LEDs. This provides a total of 48 white LEDs which are extremely bright & illuminate the farthest reaching section of your truck’s bed/cargo area. Whether you have a bed topper, a tonneau cover, or just want lots of extra light in your truck bed, or for crawling over rocks, THIS IS THE KIT FOR YOU.

This kits is completely weather-proof & mounts out of site underneath both bed rails & illuminates the truck bed or under carriage from inside the cargo area. Gone are the days of using a flashlight to see what’s inside your truck bed!

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 3 in

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$170.00 + Free Shipping!
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